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Flowchart: All Your Business Entity Selection Questions Answered On One Page

In Business entities, Business entity, Business tax rate, Business tax rates on May 14, 2012 at 9:27 am

Business entity selection is an issue at comes up in every deal I encounter.  For tax purposes, the correct type of business entity for a given client cam be ascertained by how they answer the following questions:

Am I the sole owner?

Am I willing to pay a state/franchise tax for limited liability?

Am I taking on any debt?

Am I taking on any preferred investors?

Am I willing to deal with a second level of taxation?

Compare your answers to this flowchart to see where you end up.

Business entity selection, business entities

If you have even more questions regarding business entity selection, please contact me.  We can cover your specific needs and help start the best business entity for your situation.

  1. Very helpful, but tough to read. Do you have a larger version online somewhere?

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